Damn the Machine

Chris Poland is a name that is synonymous with heavy metal guitar. He is best known for his work with Megadeth, but many fans are unaware that he had his own band in the 90s called Damn the Machine. This band was formed in 1991 and consisted of Chris Poland on guitar, David Randi on bass, and Mark Poland on drums. Despite their short-lived career, Damn the Machine produced two albums that showcased their unique sound and cemented them as an underrated band that deserved more recognition.

Their self-titled debut album, released in 1993, was a hard-hitting collection of songs that blended elements of funk, metal, and jazz. The album’s lead single, “The Mission,” received critical acclaim and showcased Poland’s virtuosic guitar playing. The track was a fan favorite, and its music video received heavy rotation on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball.

The band’s second album, “The Noble Rot,” released in 1995, further cemented Damn the Machine’s status as a band that was ahead of its time. The album took a more experimental approach, with a wider range of styles on display, including elements of grunge and alternative rock. Tracks like “Lonesome God” and “The Train” showcased Poland’s ability to weave intricate guitar solos into a diverse range of musical genres.

Despite the critical acclaim that both albums received, Damn the Machine never reached the same level of success as Chris Poland’s previous band, Megadeth. The band disbanded in 1996, and many fans were left wondering what could have been if they had been given more time to develop their sound.

Looking back on Damn the Machine’s career, it’s clear that they were an underrated band that deserved more recognition. Their unique sound, blending elements of funk, metal, and jazz, set them apart from their peers and showcased Poland’s versatility as a guitarist. Their albums are a testament to the band’s creativity and talent, and it’s a shame that they are not more widely recognized today.

In conclusion, Damn the Machine is a band that deserves to be rediscovered by fans of heavy metal and hard rock. Chris Poland’s virtuosic guitar playing and the band’s unique blend of genres set them apart from their peers in the 90s, and their albums are a testament to their creativity and talent. While their career may have been short-lived, Damn the Machine is an underrated gem that should not be overlooked by fans of heavy music.

Misha reminded me the other day about how obsessed with this band we were growing up as teenagers in the 90s. Listening to standout tracks like “The MIssion” I can see why! What do you think – were Damn the Machine an underrated band that deserved more kudis and recognition for their unique blend of jazz, prog rock and metal? Let me know below

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