In recent times it has become clear that the music business is failing on its promise to be a source for inspiration and liberation for both fans and artists alike. Too often artists are pigeonholed into limiting identities that long term have real consequences for mental health (Ryan Adams, Chester Bennington, Chris Cornell, the list goes on). And the omnipresent force of musical genre is as much a straitjacket as a convenient label for categorization; an effective marketing tool for divvying up listeners into discrete groups that can be more effectively marketed to. With the “indies” on one side and the big corporates on the other, the business as a whole is polarized and music is not allowed to roam freely.

music of enablement

Enabler records is going to change all that by promoting music that is both generous and challenging. Music that is substantive and weighty and filled with aspiration, without falling to the pitfalls of elitism, affectation or the kind of disingenuous aloofness that seems to plague certain music circles.

This music of enablement is unabashedly a force to inspire and motivate and be a positive force for good in the world. Whereas the prevailing trend in the world is towards negativity, and niching out into the comfort of the tribe, music of empowerment proclaims that we're better together.

By going big and prioritizing freedom in music, enabler records hopes to promote music that speaks directly to the listener and provides catharsis from the personal battles and critical inner voices that we all struggle with.