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My name is Misha Gellman and I’m a singer songwriter living in Ottawa, Canada. I have been writing songs for 25 years, having started when I was 14. Music has always been my passion. I guess I ‘come by it honestly’, as my Dad is a prominent Canadian composer. I grew up listening to all kinds of music. He introduced me to classical music as a toddler, the first piece was Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony and I remember telling everyone as a 3 year old that I would be a ‘ductor’ when I grew up. Everyone thought I was saying doctor but I was really saying “conductor”… as in orchestra!

I studied violin for 2 years as an 11-12 year old, but, like many young lads it was the guitar that grabbed my interest. I taught myself how to play and never took a single lesson.

I’ve gotta say I am pretty good at it for someone who is self taught. I started writing my own songs almost immediately. By age 14, I had already written quite a few songs that our rock group “Exit Freedom” included in its repertory.

Well back to the present… I consider my music to be in the category of “folk rock” or as I prefer to call it “experimental rock”. Many of the people who like my stuff say that it is very original. I have found my own voice and style.

Like many aspiring musical artists, I have wanted my music to attract a wider audience. The most frustrating problem is how to do that. I am hoping that that my new website will attract many more listeners.

Also one of the main purposes of my website is to get other artists to cover, or use my songs as their own, seeing the potential in them. Since I do not consider myself a performer, it would be so great for my songs to be performed by others. I am a member of the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN).

My songs come from a lot of painful experiences that I have had. The music has helped me to heal. I sincerely hope it will resonate with you also.

Thank you,


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