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Misha Gellman
On My Hands

Misha Gellman was sitting cross legged on Galiano island meditating as part of a retreat, when he came face to face with the voices in his head. This first terrifying experience of schizophrenia kicked off a decades long struggle with the disease and led to time spent living on the streets, struggles with drugs, and the experience of losing friends to suicide. But all along Misha’s music was a sustaining force that would pull him out of the darkness and show him the way forward even in the most desperate of circumstances. For Misha has always been a prolific songwriter and his music is a unique vision that reflects both his deep rooted spirituality and the challenging life that he has led: call it music of street worn spirituality. “My music is my psyche in the form of a song. I delve deep into myself to write them, ranging from agony to beauty,” says Gellman.

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