"The newest signing to Enabler records is defying categorisation with his unique street-worn spirituality.."

…and now you can download his latest single, “On My Hands” for free!

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ERIC PASSMORE, Mix Engineer – “Acid induced gem rock that transcends time and the human experience.”

EDWIN BURNETT, Creative – “Whoa. Deadly Lou Reed heart.

Misha has always been a prolific songwriter and his music is a unique vision that reflects both his deep rooted spirituality and the challenging life that he has led: call it music of street worn spirituality. “My music is my psyche in the form of a song. I delve deep into myself to write them, ranging from agony to beauty,” says Gellman.

Along the way Misha picked up many supporters including comedian Norm Macdonald (who Misha met through his brother Leslie Macdonald), and who helped to try to get Misha signed to a record label in L.A. In the end, however, the label deal fell through and Misha teamed up with his old Exit Freedom bandmate Andrew Johnston to create Enabler Records and launch the first single “On My Hands,” the first Misha Gellman single to get a proper label release after 30 years of music making.

“On My Hands is a song about life’s struggle and not knowing where you are going in life.. the theme is the fall from grace and wanting to go back to paradise.. it is also about feeling the weight of the world on your hands”, according to Gellman.

Indeed, many of us are these days. Misha sees his music as a therapeutic source for healing and is excited to kick off a new post-covid era in the music businesses that casts posturing and elitism by the wayside to get back to music’s forgotten promise as a source for deep spiritual healing: “It is therapeutic for me to write, and there is no better feeling than when I have written one. I hope my songs are also therapeutic for others as well.

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