Misha Gellman

Misha creates unique spiritual music influenced by folk, grunge and metal, and has experienced a challenging life including time spent living on the streets. 

Misha’s a poetic schizophrenia sufferer who transcended a difficult life of drug dependency to craft his own highly personal and unique take on spiritual music. Although Misha’s music defies categorization, his music has been compared to artists as broad ranging as Nirvana, Jay Reatard, and even Leonard Cohen.



Misha Gellman's "Offerings" offers listeners a fresh dose of Misha's distinctive blend of folk, grunge and metal, infused with a unique street-hardened spirituality. Defying categorization (although you might hear elements of Nirvana, Jay Reatard or even Slipknot), Misha continues to explore the darker corners of what has been at times a difficult life. Having lived on the streets of various Canadian cities, Misha has for many years battled his demons while searching for inner peace and a place to call home. Luckily for us, he has chronicled this desperate situation, with his visionary, if often stark and unflinching compositions.


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