…Because legendary comedian Norm McDonald was a fan, and Misha’s music has been compared to the likes of Leonard Cohen, Nirvana, and Jay Reatard!


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Growing up in Ottawa, Canada with hippy parents who were both artists in their own right and were Buddhist and obsessed with the Beatles, Misha absorbed a lot of classic rock at an early age. “I started playing guitar when I was 13 and got right into metal. Although I am influenced by rock, grunge and folk,” says Gellman. Gellman’s first foray into the music scene was as the founding member of Exit Freedom. Exit Freedom started off playing the popular grunge covers of the day (STP, Soul Asylum, Rage Against the Machine), but also covered classic metal songs like early Anthrax and Metallica. When Misha was in his early teens he dropped out of school and spent most of his time hanging out with his bandmates in local parks and on the rooftops of shopping malls impressing everyone with his songs on acoustic guitar.

Along the way Misha picked up many supporters including comedian Norm Macdonald (who Misha met through his brother Leslie Macdonald), and who helped to try to get Misha signed to a record label in L.A. In the end, however, the label deal fell through and Misha teamed up with his old Exit Freedom bandmate Andrew Johnston to create Enabler Records

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